Concrete resurfacing is used to rejuvenate old or worn concrete surfaces to give them a fresh new look. This type of decorative concrete has been around for years however information around what it is, the process and the various options available is not always clear. Dulux Avista Resurfacing is extremely versatile and can be applied in a wide range of colours and designs. Our What to Expect video is designed to provide all the key information that you need to make the decision as to whether resurfacing is right for you.





If you're interested in resurfacing and would like to explore some of the possibilities, take a look at the full range of resurfacing colours we have available, by clicking here, or use our resurfacing Visualiser to explore the different colour and stencil pattern options. Our Inspiration Gallery also includes examples of Dulux Avista resurfacing applications.

We've also created a handy downloadable "What to Expect" guide too, which you can get a copy of by clicking on the image below.


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